Build an empire with a small paraeducator salary. Blogging helps paraprofessionals supplement their salary. Blogging helps teaching assistants develop communication skills and leverage the internet to increase their income.

Blog by Number: What You Need To Know (Complete Review)

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Are you a paraeducator looking to supplement the low para salary? Is it hard to support your family on the para salary alone? Have you started but are having a hard time blogging? Well, let me introduce you to Blog by Number.  Within 6 months, Suzi Whitford, the creative behind Blog by Number, will have you making your para pay if not more!  Get started today by grabbing her AMAZING freebie: The PERFECT Blog Plan.

The perfect blog plan from Suzi Whitford at start a mom blog. Promotional freebie of an editorial calendar for Blog by Number reaching out to paraeducators looking to supplement their para pay or salary.

Blog By Number At A Glance

Couse by Suzi Whitford at Start a Mom Blog, Blog by Number reaching out to paraeducators looking to supplement their para pay or salary.

What is the Blog by Number Course?

An easy-to-follow beginners guide to blogging. It guides you step by step on how to:

  • start blogging, customize your blog,
  • bring traffic and grow your blog 
  • and most important monetize your blog.  

Who Created Blog by Number?

Suzi and John Whitford the creatives behind Blog by Number Course. Expanding toward paraprofessionals looking to make more money and supplement the low paraeducator salary.

The creative behind Blog by Number is Suzi Whitford who was later joined by her husband John Whitford when she was able to retire him from his corporate job, thanks to her blogging! 

Who is Suzi Whitford?

This amazing creative is a phenomenal businesswoman, mother, sister, daughter, wife, teacher, and mentor.  Suzi truly loves her clients and goes above and beyond in order to see her students succeed. She is an amazing teacher of blogging, creating printables, and design. She is super encouraging and an amazing inspiration to her students.  

What do you get with Blog by Number?

This amazing course comes with  

  • 65+ click-by-click videos
  • Blog by Number ebook 
  • PreBuilt Website
  • Blog Post Templates
  • 500+ Stock Images
  • 8,000+ Blog Post Ideas
  • Updates Included
  • Featured Experts

Note: Suzi sells the Blog by Number Ebook for $18 but the videos are life-saving especially if you tend to get tech hiccups. 

I also highly recommend the bundle since you get an additional 2 courses, templates, and additional pieces of training, and beautiful stock images.  Pretty much everything you need to get get started blogging.  

How long will it take to complete?

That depends on you and your mindset.  If you are determined and focused you can finish it in 2 weeks.  However, it is wonderfully self-paced with lifetime access and free future updates so you can work as much or as little as you like.  Plus, the videos are short and to the point for quick wins! Yay!

Blog By Number Pros

  • Quick Wins
  • Short video tutorials
  • Easy to Implement

My favorite thing I love about Blog by Number is the

Free Blog Plan Editorial Calendar! 

The perfect blog plan from Suzi Whitford at start a mom blog. Promotional freebie of an editorial calendar for Blog by Number reaching out to paraeducators looking to supplement their para pay or salary.

Blog By Number Cons

  • Long Course – Lots of information
  • No Facebook Group
  • No Refunds or Moneyback Guarantee

Key Takeaway

Blog by Number is a self-paced, short video, and quick wins beginner course for new bloggers. The course teaches the fundamentals of blogging through a school path progression, for example, you begin in preschool where you figure out the type of blog you want to create and you finish in 12 grade where you make your first profit! 

The Whitfords are beyond generous with all the amazing bonuses they placed throughout the Blog by Number course. 

A complete look at The Whitfords Blog by Number Course. Promoting to paraeducators not satisfied with their para salary and are looking to make more money by supplementing through blogging

Now before we dive deeper into Blog by Number, let me tell you a little about my own blog venture. 

Why should you listen to me?

I got the itch to blog as a first-time mom back in 2013. I watched as so many other mama bloggers that started when I was first interested started thriving with their blogs throughout the years while I was still stuck in fear and longing for something to change.  It wasn’t until 2018 when I came across Suzi’s Blog by Number Course, I took the dive because of the positive energy Suzi projected and the way that she simplified the process into bite-size steps for me to follow and create small victories that encouraged me to keep moving forward. 

I loved Suzi’s teaching vibe and methods so I jumped all in and purchased her VIP package which included her phenomenal program Course by Number and also invested in her other programs like Printables by Number s. Feel free to browse the other products Suzi has to offer. 

With Suzi’s courses, I was able to create and grow A Para Pro.  Through her course, she thought me how to do and use keyword research to properly write a post on what people want, how to create pin images fast, doable traffic strategies using Facebook and Pinterest, and monetizing my blog by creating a printables shop promoting my own products and through affiliates and coaching services. 

Let me tell you, if it wasn’t for Blog by Number I will still be sitting on the sidelines feeling sorry for myself. Thanks, Suzi for getting me in the game.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It: Read some of the 100,775 students are saying about Blog By Numer

Client review for Suzi Whitford Blog by Number course reaching out to paraeducators looking to supplement their para pay or salary.

Favorite Feature: Templates for Posts and Pages 

blog by number templates found in the blog by number course that helps paraeducators get their blog up and running in a day.

Talk about a time saver! Blog by Numbers comes with amazing templates that save you time and get you blogging sooner. 

The post and page templates come with a perfect post/page outline so you are not stuck looking at a blank screen lost on how to start or structure this thing.  Suzi removes the headaches with these templates all you have to do is remove her helpful text and add your own.  Remove here picture placeholders and add your own.  Super simple and an amazing time saver! 

Super Simple – For the Not So Tech Savvy

Blog by Number plugins to help the not so tech savvy paraeducator looking to supplement their para salary through blogging.

I don’t know about you but plugins intimidate me I don’t want to mess up all of my hard work. Thankfully Blog by Number has 65+ videos and Suzi and John help you click by click on how to best optimize your blog.  They recommend the best plugins for a fast website, social sharing, comments management, affiliate links, and SEO. 

I know SEO and many of the things mentioned sound scary, intimidating, and a bit overwhelming but rest assured that Blog by Number course has you covered. Think of it as a color-by-number book but for a blog. 

Blog By Number Pricing

Are there different pricing options?


  • You can get just the ebook for $18
  • The course and ebook for $147
  • The blog-building bundle with two extra courses (Niche by Number and Post by Number) for $197 

Where can you get the best price?

You get the best price by signing up for The Perfect Blog Plan which doubles as an editorial calendar. So you can not only plan your whole year but at the end, there is a coupon code discount for Blog by Number! Win-Win!

The perfect blog plan from Suzi Whitford at start a mom blog. Promotional freebie of an editorial calendar for Blog by Number reaching out to paraeducators looking to supplement their para pay or salary.

Is there a money-back guarantee or refunds offered?

Due to the nature of the product being digital, there are no refunds or money-back guarantees.  Suzi keeps the price relatively low compared to competitors in order to best serve her students. 

How much does it cost?

The three tier prices for Blog by Number. Affordable beginner course for paraeducators looking to supplement their salary.

Should You Invest in Blog by Number?

In my humble opinion, if you have been looking for a blogging course that is going to guide you click by click to get you your blog up and running. Give you the confidence to keep posting and sharing and growing to hopefully replace your para pay Blog by Number is perfect for you and you need to get your free blog plan editorial calendar while it is still free and access your Blog by Number coupon code to invest in yourself and start blogging now!

Is it worth it?

I honestly believe there is a ton of great value for the price. Blog by Number is one of the easiest-to-implement beginner courses that give you more value for your money. Especially The Blog Building Bundle with the extra courses. Suzi really wants her students to succeed and you can really see that extra love in Blog by Number. 

Blog By Number Competitors

If you have considered blogging you probably have run into various blogging programs like EBA (Elite Blogging Academy) That’s way, way in the thousands. Blog by Number is only a fraction of the price. 

Or you might have heard of Click Funnels by Russel Brunson’s drag-and-drop software, he offers a monthly payment for the software with training is around $297 per month! The theme Suzi recommends is drag and drop and it comes with no monthly payments. 

Who is Blog By Number right for?

Blog by Number is perfect for paraeducators looking to begin a flexible side hustle at a low cost. You can get started for as little as $5 a month. Plus, Blog by Number is all about blogging on free or super low-cost tools, but mostly free!

It is for driven individuals willing and ready to do the work.  

It is for individuals who have tried and failed in blogging and are looking for a breakthrough. Blog by Number will literally get you in the game!

Courses for intermediate and advanced bloggers

If you are already established your blog, Suzi has intermediate courses like Printables by Number, or check out her free 10-day challenge to make and sell printables.

Printable by Number freebies 10 Day Challenge to help paraeducators supplement their para pay through printables.

In addition, If you happen to be more advanced then Suzi has courses like Course by Number. Get started today by crafting your offer with this freebie.

Craft Your Offer freebie for Course by Number to help paraeducators figure out their product or service to sell in order to supplement para salary.

Who should avoid Blog By Number?

Individuals that are lazy or are looking to get rich overnight should avoid this course. If you don’t want to put in the work and realize that blogging is a long-term slow-burn process then please seek other resources.  

Blog by Number Course Reviews (from other bloggers) 

How to Build an Empire on a Para Salay a Blog by Number Review to help paraeducators looking to make more money and supplement their low paraprofessional salary through blogging.

Learn More About Blogging

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on my Blog by Number review is that it is one of the most affordable click-by-click beginner courses for bloggers in the market. The Whitfords have outdone themselves. By going above and beyond to get their students blogging success in the fastest and least expensive way possible. 

In the end what makes Blog by Number so great is its thoroughness, straightforwardness, simple easy-to-follow steps, and amazingly awesome bonuses!

What Can you, sweet para,  accomplish with a successful blog?

Don’t forget to get your Free Blog Plan and Editorial Calendar to get your coupon code for the Blog by Number Course. 

The perfect blog plan from Suzi Whitford at start a mom blog. Promotional freebie of an editorial calendar for Blog by Number reaching out to paraeducators looking to supplement their para pay or salary.  Includes monthly tracking and strategy sheets.

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