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How Paraeducators Can Save Time and Money with Library Resources

Are you looking for ways to save money and provide engaging learning experiences for your students? Look no further than your local public library! As a former student on a tight budget, I relied on the library to access books, educational resources, and more. When I was a kid I spent many Saturdays at my public library. As a mother, I still utilize my local library to enrich my children's learning experience. And now as a para I still use my local library to enhance my students' learning experience. and now I'll share how you as a para can too use your library to optimize your paraeducator experience.

5 Ways Paraeducators Can Utilize Library Resources

Here are five ways you as a paraeducator can harness the power of your library resources to enhance teaching and stretch your budget:

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Access to Books

As a paraeducator, I understand the importance of a well-stocked classroom library, but if I'm frank books can be expensive. And I have to admit building a classroom library can be a daunting task, and if you are purchasing your books it can be costly, especially with our para budget. Luckily, public libraries offer access to a vast collection of books, (for free!) catering to various interests and reading levels. Whether you need picture books, chapter books, or nonfiction texts, the library has something for everyone. Plus, many libraries offer online resources and audiobooks, ensuring access to knowledge from anywhere. Whether you're seeking fiction, non-fiction, or educational resources, the library has you covered.

Resources for Special Needs Students

My paraeducator career has always evolved around special education. So, if you work with special needs students, like me, you know how important it is to have the right resources and tools. The library can help you meet the needs of your students with disabilities by offering accessible materials, sensory toys, and more. You can also rely on library staff for assistance in finding the right resources and navigating the library's offerings.

STEM Kits and Educational Toys

I don't know about you but I love to do hands-on activities with my students. Hands-on learning is an effective way to engage students, improve their fine motor skills, and promote their critical thinking skills. However, buying STEM kits, educational toys and tinker toys can be costly. Thank goodness, the library has us covered with a wide selection of kits and toys that we can borrow for free, from robotics to coding to physics. These resources cater to various interests and age groups, fueling curiosity and passion for learning.

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Homeschooling Support

If you work with homeschooling families or do respite work, you can point the families you work with to the library for support. Many libraries offer homeschooling materials, including curricula, unit studies, and educational resources. Plus, the library is a great place for homeschooling families to connect with other families, participate in group activities, and build community.

Professional Development

As a paraeducator, I always seek ways to enhance my skills and knowledge. The library can be a valuable resource for professional development. With books, webinars, and other resources that educate and empower paraeducators, you can stay updated on the latest research and best practices to deliver top-notch education to your students.

In the End

Your local public library is a valuable resource for paraeducators and their students. From books to resources for special needs students, STEM kits to homeschooling support, and professional development opportunities. By leveraging these strategies and utilizing these library resources to their fullest extent, you can enrich your teaching practice, support student learning, and contribute to a vibrant learning community. The library serves as a cornerstone of educational excellence, providing endless opportunities for growth and enrichment. I personally love visiting my local library, it has something for my whole family. So, get your library card and be sure to take advantage of all that your library has to offer!

CHALLENGE ALERT: Take action now by visiting your nearest public library and explore the resources mentioned in this post firsthand. Let us know what resource you checked out in the comments below.


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