11 Best Blogs for Paraeducators

So, you've stumbled upon a gem of a blog post that's all about the top 10 best blog posts for… wait for it… YOU! That's right, it's time to treat yourself to some fantastic reads that'll make your journey as a paraeducator even more enjoyable.

Now, let's talk about those fabulous blog posts on the list. How many of these incredible blogs do you know? They're handpicked with love and care, just for you! I’m going to share the top blogs and articles for paraeducators that really changed my para skills for the better. And by the end of the article, you will discover the qualities, roles, responsibilities, resources, and behavioral strategies that make an outstanding paraeducator.

Best Blogs for Paraeducators

Ready? Let’s dive into the treasure trove of wisdom from experienced educators and passionate advocates.

Blog #1: Friendshipcircle.org

Friendshipcircle is a wonderful non-profit in Michigan that uses the internet to provide every individual with special needs the support friendship and inclusion that they deserve.

Additionally, I love this article that shares the qualities of paraeducators it includes a wonderful array of special needs resources.

Furthermore, I love their passion for friendship and inclusivity in the special needs community. They are view them as integral members of our society and offering online access to their programs. Learn more about friendshipcircle.org and their beautiful mission.

Blog #2: Verywellfamily.com

I love this article from verywellfamily because it gives a beautiful summation of the paraeducator's role in the classroom. It provides a clear message for parents to understand exactly how a paraeducators supports the teacher and the students, facilitating learning.

Verywellfamily writes about pregnancy, child development and parenting. They mostly write articles geared toward providing support through all the stages of parenthood.

Overall, they also provide tons of product recommendations to help you support your very well family.

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Blog #3: Inclusiveschools.org

I love this website because they focus on inclusive educational practices. They provide outstanding web-based educational resource for families, schools and communities.

I enjoy the clarity this article provides distinguishing the paraeducator roles and responsibilities. They even provide access to a paraeducator assessment and guide without giving your email.

Incusiveschools also offers printables and courses focused in helping the special needs individuals to not only be included by a vital part of society.

Blog #4: Crisisprevention.com

If you are already a special education paraeducator you may have taken a required class called CPI which stands for Crisis Prevention Intervention and it the course material is provided from their training programs.

I absolutely love reading through crisisprevention because it is full of tips and tricks to help you with prevention, de-escalating and management. I especially love this article on behavioral management.

Plus, as you are reading, they offer free and valuable resources for setting limits, stay calm and responding right.

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Blog #5: Understood.org

This is a clean website easy to read and I just love their compassion for the marginalized individuals who seem to be misunderstood by society…hence their website name understood…their mission is to help the misunderstood be understood. Beautiful!

Not only that, but they also offer support to those that support those that think and learn different. Check out this article on the different types of support paraeducators provide.

Spend some time going through understood's training and resources to help different thinkers and learners, as well as their supporters, help discover their potentials, as they take control to find community, and stay on positive paths along each stage of life’s journey.

Blog #6: nrcpara.org

The NRCP is a one stop shop for all things para. This organization thrives in improving the recruitment, deployment, supervision, and career development of paraeducators.

They offer an online community for paras, as well as training and resources through their website. If you would prefer a more direct training, they are totally accessible. Here is a link to their para resources.

If you want to learn more on policies, the latest technical assistance and information about management practices, regulatory procedures, and training models you should check out nrcpara.

Blog #7: Paraeducate.com

I love paraeducate because it was created by a fellow paraeducator. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles like most blogs, but it is full of the latest resources for paraeducators.

In paraeducate you will find resources and training like books, instructional material and conference presentations in order for paras, teachers, and administrators to serve those severely marginalized with the quality instruction.

You can learn more about the tips and resources paraeducate has to offer here.

Blog #8: Chron.com

Now if you were to do a google search for paraeducator tips this would be the first article to show up.

At Chron you will find many great articles on all kinds of lifestyles topics. I have utilized Chron's jobs tab. They have wonderful resources for interviewing like questions to ask and answer, outfits and resume templates. Consequently, they also offer great product recommendations but too much advertisement, sadly.

Blog #9: Brookspublishing.com

I really enjoyed this article found at brookspublishing, you will find amazing tips for promoting independence. What I particularly love about brookspublishing is that they offer one of their published books at the bottom of the article should you desire to learn more on the subject.

At brookspublishing you will find publishing for early childhood, special education, communication and much, much more. Their resources encourage children’s healthy development, that boost learning and success for all people, with and without disabilities.

Blog #10: Theautismhelper.com

When I entered the paraeducator world I started with autism. I absolutely love theautismhelper. The creator is a special education teacher turned behavior therapist who shares materials, tips, tools and resources to help students, teachers, paras and administrators.

In particular I love autismhelper's paraguide and data tips. Plus, freebies! Bonus!

In addition, theaustismhelper offers courses, memberships and speaking engagements focusing on positive behavior change, having high expectations, and utilizing data-based decisions.]

Blog#11: WizCase.com

This blog post is a must-read for paraeducators and those supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorder. It offers a comprehensive guide to understanding internet safety risks and opportunities specific to this group.

The post takes a nuanced approach, recognizing that while there are unique risks, the internet can also be beneficial for people with autism spectrum disorder. It emphasizes the importance of knowledge, awareness, and education to help them navigate the online world safely.

A valuable resource for anyone working with individuals on the autism spectrum who wants to learn more about internet safety.

Bonus: A Para Pro

Now, I was thinking, “Should I include my own blog? Isn't that a bit cheeky?” Well, I'm totally going for it—I've poured my heart and soul into creating an awesome hub for paraeducators, it's only natural to want to share it with the world (and, of course, give myself a pat on the back). Enjoy!

a para pro newsletter

Blogs for Paraeducators Summary

As you can see from these great blogs, many resources for paraeducators to develop their skills when working with students. As well as materials for inclusivity and character development for the special needs community. We want you to feel empowered, inspired, and ready to conquer the world of paraeducation! 🌈 And hey, don't forget to share this list with your fellow paraeducators because great resources are meant to be shared.

So there you have it, dear paraeducators—the 10 best blog posts PLUS an extra-special bonus surprise (hint: it's mine!). Enjoy the read, have a chuckle or two, and remember, you're doing amazing things in the lives of those you support. Let me know in the comments if you found these blogs beneficial and let me know of any para blogs you use to develop your skills. Keep shining brightly, you rockstar! 🌟💫

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