5 Things I Want to Help Paraeducators With

A Para Pro began to get my feet wet dabbling in the digital marketing playground. I've served as a paraeducator for over 10 years; however, during the Plandemic school year 20/21, mandates to mask myself and enforce it on school grounds came through. During that summer I dove into the efficacy and constitutional authority of these mandates but there was no evidence to substantiate such tyranny, that for the 21/22 school year I wrote the superintendent that I refuse to comply. After reporting every morning from August to October without admittance to perform my job duties for refusing a mask and weekly testing I was terminated from my position. But the brown shirts were just doing their jobs, right?

Now I'm building A Para Pro to help financially starved paraeducators build a solid foundation toward financial freedom through the digital marketplace. I want to encourage and magnify their self-confidence so they can build a life based on their morals and values and not lose their livelihood doing so.

things I want to help paraeducators with.
  1. Provide easy to follow guides and lessons that make starting an online biz fun and easy
    Having dabbled with online marketing for over 8 years now. Many of the best mom bloggers that started in 2010 during the mama bloggers boom have been my mentors. My investment of over 10K in my online marketing development makes it easy for you, so you don't have to spend 10K learning through but learn from my mistakes and start making your first 10K with my easy to follow and fun to digest guides and lessons.
  2. Recommend only the best books and products for the not so tech savvy paras
    When I was in the field there was always someone who needed help with tech. During teacher training days, you could always guarantee a tech class. I know technology can be daunting. However, with the right teachers, books and products I recommend; tech difficulty will be a thing of the past.
  3. Help paraeducators instill confidence in their own ability
    A quality of being an amazing para is to project confidence. However, many paras second doubt themselves. We ask others for reassurance, or we fear voicing our opinion. How many times do you ask what do you want for lunch, and you never really speak up, but instead you just defer the question? I know I'm guilty of it. But it's not your fault we are programmed to put others before us, hence why we are paras. Through A Para Pro, I hope to build up as many paraeducators, their voice matters, and they need to put themselves first in order to serve others better.
  4. Write a weekly blog post to help paraeducators on their journey
    I have a memory of when I was in 10th grade, and I was telling my mom that I was quitting soccer. OMG! Did my mother lose it? I recall her yelling, “nunca terminas lo que empiezas!” That's Spanish for, you never finish what you start. Is that you? Are you like me? Do you have a record of starting and never finishing? if so, I want to tell you that its ok. Give yourself some grace. The journey can be difficult, but you are not in it alone. I'm right beside you to cheer you on. I know the echo of those words, you never finish anything, they used to weigh me down. Thankfully through my online marketing journey I did a lot of mindset growth that those words have become fuel to help me finish what I start. Like a tough mudder, a 30-day juice cleanse and guess what you too are a finisher. To start is easy, finishing is hard, but the most important part is enjoying the growth in the journey.
  5. Build a community of paraeducators that helps each other build financial freedom
    If you are anything like this para, you tend to try to do it all yourself. I know from experience, that doing it all yourself only leads to burn out. Instead, we need to build community! Even the Good Lord wants it that way. We are not able to do this by ourselves, so if you are trying…stop! Build your community, one that supports you, encourage you and builds you up!


I first started A Para Pro to dabble in the online marketplace. Now A Para Pro is a place for paraeducators to break free from living paycheck to paycheck and start building a firm foundation for financial freedom. A place for growth, encouragement, support and community. Please like and follow A Para Pro on Facebook.

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